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  COMBIVERT F5 Inverter Series
KEB Combivert F5 Family
KEB Combivert F5 Inverter

The series motor control, previously used for closed-loop control of synchronous and induction motors, now has a new option called “Version S.C.L.” (Sensorless Closed Loop) which is the newest technical advantage from KEB.

The advantages are:

  • no encoder mounted on the motor
  • no extra wiring from the drive to the motor
  • no encoder interface required in the inverter

The customer benefits from this superior drive package in the following ways:

  • cost reduction - no encoder or cables
  • very tight speed regulation - synchronous motors together with ultrafast speed regulation
  • wide operating range > 100:1 of the rated motor speed
  • up to rated motor torque at zero speed
  • minimal shaft movement during the measurement of the rotor position (start up under brake is possible with certain motor designs)
  • auto tuning of motor parameters (resistances and inductances)
  • full dynamic control of the synchronous motor as well as excellent
  • overload characteristics using motors with neodymium-permanent magnets
  • stable operation even with high inertia ratios (load to motor)

Available in the entire power range of the standard KEB COMBIVERT F5 series and can be universally applied in combination with:

  • Servo motors
  • Spindle motors
  • High-pole direct drives (torque motors)

*Under development solutions for both linear motors and induction motors

Available in the power range 1 … 750 hp

Potential applications:

  • Textile applications
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Compressors




  COMBIVERT G6 Inverter Series
KEB Combivert G6 inverter series
KEB Combivert G6 inverter
  • The COMBIVERT G6 series was designed to be a one device, “All-in-one” solution to meet all important requirements for controlling three-phase drives. Thus, offering a high degree of variability to support present and future technologies.

  • The proven features of KEB frequency converters and the SMM control algorithm (Sensorless Motor Management) have been further developed using new 32-bit microcontrollers.

  • An integrated, multilingual, LCD plain text display and the two-stage parameter model with basic menus (customer parameters) and application menus (application parameters) provide one-of-a-kind user friendliness to the KEB COMBIVERT G6, along with a high degree of functionality.

  • RoHS-compliant production pursuant to guideline 2002/95/EC and a long-life design incorporating high-quality components ensure that investments in equipment and systems will be safe.

  • Demand-driven fan and stand-by functions reduce device loss/heat stress in the switching cabinet and increase the system’s overall efficiency. “Proactive maintenance” features easy-to-replace fans with consistent air flow routing exclusively in the cooling element.

  • Based on the integrated EMC filters, all devices are ready for installation in the switching cabinet; for multi-use applications, and the compact design with direct “row mounting” reduces space requirements to a minimum.

  • KEB COMBIVERT G6 is the new reference point for industrial applications in machine and plant construction.

  COMBIVERT B6 Inverter Series
KEB COMBIVERT B6 inverter family
The new entry class open loop frequency inverter, for operation with asynchronous motors. Available in the power range up to 4kW, in two housing sizes.



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